The Los Angeles Committee for Better Banks launches a campaign to inform about the continue predatory banking practices and how it hurts bank workers and consumers. Learn more about how banks do business at the expense of it’s consumers.

Banking on the Hard Sell

Big banks bailed out by U.S. taxpayers continue to aggressively push high interest credit cards and other unnecessary financial products on customers, according to a new report by the National Employment Law Project (NELP). Analysis [...]

Aggressive Sales Goals Create a Predatory System for Women

The gender/race pay gap is a consequence of structural sexism and racism that occupationally segregates, undervalues, and underpays women’s work. Banks has played a big role in perpetuating these structural dynamics both to female [...]

Banking on Student Debt

Students are overwhelmingly blocked from attaining the American dream due to overwhelming debt from loans and credit cards. Without proper regulation, banks will continue to implement a predatory system of financial products on [...]

Banks Profit from Low-income Communities

Banks such Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank and Regions Financial and are luring low-income consumers to sign up for things such as prepaid debit cards and payday loans–products that typically come with all sorts of fees and charges, the Times [...]

Financialization factsheet

In the past, banks derived their profits by making loans and charging interest. Now, they derive most of their profits by charging us fees for each transaction. Customers are simply an income stream and exploiting that income stream [...]