Who We Are


The Los Angeles Committee for Better Banks (LA-CBB) is a coalition of bank workers, community and consumer advocacy groups, and labor organizations coming together to improve conditions in the bank industry. Our mission is to hold banks accountable for their predatory practices that fleece it’s customers and harm its workers.

The finance industry has come to dominate the US and global economy. Finance now boasts a third of total corporate profits here at home. While CEOs and hedge fund managers hand themselves bonuses that could buy small islands, their frontline employees, who advise, support and interact daily with the community, are made to struggle paycheck to paycheck and push financial products in order to make ends meet or avoid discipline and termination.

We are fighting to end predatory sales goals that force bank workers to push potentially harmful and unnecessary products our communities. We are also working for just wages and job security for front-line bank workers.

Its time to make our banks work for us.